Seoul Bakery – Bloomsbury

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Ramyeon with added goodies: cheese, fried egg, sausage and fish cakes

There’s something very special about Seoul Bakery. It’s Korean comfort food in an effortless, chic little restaurant with graffiti-ridden walls filled with the doodles of happy customers. The wait outside was quite long, especially since we made the impromptu decision to go on a Monday after work, so around 6pm. Once inside with our rumbling bellies sat in front of our big portions of food, we knew the wait was well worth it.

I ordered a ramyeon with customised added goodies of sausage, rice cakes (topokki), fish cakes, a fried egg and, of course, cheese. I loved the chewiness of the rice cakes, the fishiness of the fish cakes, the flavour of the sausage and loved slurping on the the melted cheese-coated noodles (who wouldn’t?!). Sarry – my partner in crime – ordered kimchi fried rice (with added chicken, cheese and a fried egg on top) and we alternated between both dishes, sliding plates between us frantically like there was no tomorrow. We just couldn’t get enough.

Seoul Bakery really ticks the box in terms of value for money, as the two of us ate well for under £20. We were full by the end of our meals, but we definitely eyed up the kimchi pancakes that the couple next to us were eating (there’s always next time).

If you are in the mood for a cheap eat in central London and some hearty Korean soul food, I would highly recommend popping into Seoul Bakery.


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