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Four hours before our flight back to London, we decided to treat ourselves to a delicious and hearty breakfast so that we could eat away our end-of-holiday blues. We settled for Fauna & Flora, which was a short walk away from our hotel, and were pleasantly surprised by the decor, the friendly staff and gorgeous food.

We were spoilt for choice when looking at the menu and I, for one, was torn between the Green pancake (matcha with lemon curd, tangerine and kiwi) and the Baga pancake (berries coulis, condensed milk cream and berries) but we obviously settled for the less healthy, albeit exceptional, option.

Baga pancake with berries coulis, condensed milk cream and berries on top

In addition to the fluffy and near-perfect pancakes, we also opted for toast with smoked salmon, ricotta, sous vide eggs and cherry tomatoes for a savoury ‘main’. The sous vide eggs were essentially eggs cooked on a low temperature so that the egg white was almost jelly-like and the yolk was especially runny. I’m a big egg-vocate and so really enjoyed this, but if you prefer your eggs well-cooked, then I would steer clear from your eggs getting sous vide-ified.

We ended the meal with an ever-refreshing açai bowl with a matcha latte and chai latte to wash everything down and warm our souls.

Look at that spread! Baga pancakes, chai latte, Nord Fauna toast, açai bowl, matcha latte (left-to-right)

We were sat by a big window which opened out to a lovely view of the bright and colourful Lisbon street outside, which added a nice touch to our brunch date. Inside the diner, we experienced a warm and energetic vibe — we were surrounded by people working away on their laptops, old friends catching-up and families gathering over the large round tables. Everyone had one thing in common — we were surrounded by plates of appetising food.

We would recommend checking out Fauna & Flora if you’re ever in Lisbon, we will definitely be heading back there during our next visit!

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