Piebury Corner – Kings Cross

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From sweet to savoury, simple to fancy, Piebury Corner takes the combination of a hearty snack and a dining out experience to a whole new level.

We visited the Kings Cross branch on this evening but they also have sizeable locations in Highbury (*cough* Piebury *cough*) and Holloway if this takes your fancy. On walking in, Piebury may appear to the unassuming as just a regular restaurant. That is until you sit down and take a look at their menu to find their focus is on one item alone… pies! (If it wasn’t obvious from the name…)

Initially spoilt for choice, we settled on one sweet and one savoury option to trial: The jerk chicken marinated in porter gravy as well as the toffee apple pie, with a generous helping of custard. But fear not, they also have a range of veggie and vegan options that we’ll be heading back to try out!

The jerk chicken pie was filled to the brim with succulent and richly marinated chicken pieces (though pretty salty) with the outer coating cooked to flaky perfection. The toffee apple pie was perfect to balance out the savoury-ness of the former dish and end the meal with a sweet treat.

In terms of value for money, Piebury serves you a hearty meal for an affordable price, with a range of sides, gravies and even cocktails, all with a more refined and polished decor so you can really make a night of it!

Be sure to check back for our review once we’ve tried their full selection!

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