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In the heart of the Brunswick Centre lives Fuwa Fuwa, a minimal-chic café that sells fluffy Japanese soufflé pancakes. If you haven’t tried a soufflé pancake then I would very much urge you to do so as it is probably the closest you can get to biting into a cloud.

Each soufflé pancake needs a lot of TLC to make sure that each double-decker pancake blob is cooked through properly and this can take around 20-30 minutes to perfect. In fact, you can watch the staff at Fuwa Fuwa prepare and cook the pancakes right in front of you.

Look how fluffy they are!

The menu is short and simple so it wasn’t too difficult to choose what to get. We settled for one original pancake and two yuzu blueberry cheesecake pancakes (one with a vanilla ice cream scoop and one with a matcha ice cream scoop).

The yuzu blueberry cheesecake soufflé pancake with vanilla ice cream

The yuzu blueberry cheesecake pancake definitely stole the spotlight. The sweetness of the blueberry compote was perfectly balanced with the refreshing, tangy lemony favour of the yuzu. Each airy mouthful which contained the cream cheese dollop was complemented nicely by the crushed-up digestives and really tasted like a deconstructed cheesecake.

One thing to bear in mind when heading to Fuwa Fuwa is that that you may not enjoy the soufflé pancakes if you’re not a huge fan of eggs, as the pancakes do have quite an eggy taste. The interior of Fuwa Fuwa is very no-nonsense with a completely white interior but this just draws more attention to the pancakes.

Fuwa Fuwa has quickly become one of our favourite spots for an inexpensive, light and sweet snack. You should definitely add trying one of these unique soufflé pancakes to your food bucket list and if you don’t live near a soufflé pancake café, then it might be fun making these at home — if you don’t mind getting a little messy.

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