Gopal’s Corner – Market Hall West End

Gopal’s Corner was recommended to us by a friend and it’s been on our foodie list for ages. Round the corner from my boyfriend’s workplace is Market Hall West End and we were delighted to find out there was a Gopal’s Corner stall there.

Having both Malaysian and Tamil roots, we were so excited to try out some of our favourite childhood dishes. We got a masala thosai with chutney and sambar, fried fish on banana leaf rice and washed it down with an ice-cold teh tarik (pulled tea) and a glass of milo. We rated the masala thosai a 7.5/10 and the fried fish on banana leaf a solid 9/10. The reason we rated the fried rish dish so highly was because the flavours were authentic and if childhood summers in Malaysia have taught me anything, it’s that eating off of a banana leaf tastes better than eating from any plate.

Left to right: masala thosai with x2 chutney and sambar, a Milo / teh tarik wall, fried fish on banana leaf

If you can’t handle your spice then not to worry, the above dishes are extremely flavourful without being overwhelming or so spicy that it assaults the taste buds. Both dishes went well with the refreshingly cold Milo — a chocolate and malt powder drink that is popular in many South East Asian countries. We obviously can’t fail to mention the teh tarik — which literally translates to ‘pulled tea’ — and is basically black tea mixed with condensed milk, which is cooled down by pouring between two cups from a height. You can watch this fun process in this YouTube video.

Finding out that the owner of Roti King (Kings Cross), Sugen Gopal, is THE Gopal of Gopal’s Corner really encouraged us to visit this food spot and we were not disappointed. The menu is definitely more South Indian / Tamil-inspired than Roti King and it is great to see Malaysian food becoming more and more established in the London food scene!

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